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Jackpot value now $2,175,000.00

Lucky Lotteries – NSW Lotteries

Lucky Lotteries are comprised of 2 games that are administered by New South Wales Lotteries – NSW Lotteries – the leading lottery operator of Australian lottery games.

NSW Lotteries have been around since 1931 and are owned by the New South Wales government. They are fully licensed to supply various Australian lotto games throughout New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

Since its inception over 75 years ago, NSW Lotteries have raised billions of dollars for the NSW government that have helped to proved a whole range of services for the New South Wales community.

Each year nearly 1/3 of the money spent on NSW Lottery games is returned to the government and over 60% of money spent is put straight back into its lottery prizes – one of the highest returns among world lottery games.

NSW Lotteries have the following games in their portfolio – all available through OzLotteries.com...OzLotto, Lotto Strike, Saturday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Monday Lotto, Instant Scratchies, Powerball, 6 From 38 Pools, the great Australian Superdraw, plus the Lucky Lotteries games which comprise of the $2 Jackpot Lottery and the game that we will be looking at in more detail here – the $5 Jackpot Lottery

NSW Lotteries – OzLotteries

NSW Lotteries have teamed up with OzLotteries in a strategic partnership that allows players from around the world to buy lottery tickets online for nearly all of the NSW Lotto games.

Through OzLotteries.com – one of the most respected and established online lottery tickets sales companies on the internet – you are able to play lottery online with the NSW Lottery game of your choice – and that includes the Lucky Lotteries $5 Jackpot Lottery.

OzLotteries.com is a fully accredited lottery ticket sales agency and is authorized by NSW Lotteries to sell its lottery tickets online. It bridges the gap nicely between the high street lottery ticket sales outlet and being able to buy lottery tickets online.

Lucky Lotteries – Overview

Lucky Lotteries are run by New South Wales Lotteries – NSW Lotteries – and there are 2 games on offer through OzLotteries.com in this particular NSW Lotto category…

• The Lucky Lotteries – $2 Jackpot Lottery

• The Lucky Lotteries – $5 Jackpot Lottery

Here we will be looking at the $5 Jackpot Lottery

Each game has a set number of tickets available and when these have all been sold, the draw can take place.

Unlike most lotteries, when you win the lottery, you don’t have the possibility of having to share the prize – including the Lucky Lotteries Jackpot – as each NSW Lottery / OzLotteries.com ticket has its own individual number and individual ticket numbers win individual prizes.

Jackpots for the Lucky Lotteries$5 Jackpot Lottery start out at AUS $1,000,000 and grow by way of a rollover until they are won – these can easily reach a figure of many millions of dollars making for some exciting jackpots to be won.

There are 3 x $5 Jackpot Lottery draws on sale at any one time – the current lottery draw plus 10 future draws that will be made (“forward” draws).

Once a $5 Jackpot Lottery has been fully subscribed – ie. sold out – the draw will happen and fully subscribed lotteries will be drawn in order – ie. the lottery with the lowest identifying number will be drawn first.

How It Works…

The Lucky Lotteries$5 Jackpot Lottery – differs somewhat from traditional draw type lottery games. It’s fun to play – is packed full of prizes and works like this…

Firstly, there is a set number of tickets available for each draw – 180,000 tickets in total.

For each game, the $5 Jackpot Lottery has its own unique 3 digit sequential number to identify the particular draw that you are playing in.

When the draw takes place, a “Jackpot” ticket number is drawn from the full set of ticket numbers in the game. If that ticket number has already won a cash prize in the draw, then it also wins the “Jackpot”. If the ticket number hasn’t won a cash prize already, then the jackpot increases each draw until it is won, like a rollover.

The minimum jackpot figure for each draw for the $5 Jackpot Lottery is a healthy AUS $1,000,000 and when the jackpot is not won, it increases for each draw by AUS $250,000.

Like a raffle, each of the 180,000 tickets will have their own unique number. You simply choose how many tickets you want at NSW Lotteries or OzLotteries.com and if any of the numbers on your tickets match the winning lottery numbers drawn – you win the corresponding prize.

Unlike typical jackpot lottery games, with the Lucky Lotteries – $5 Jackpot Lottery – from NSW Lotteries – you do not need to select your own numbers.

There are 2 ways to play

• Request a selection of RANDOM ticket numbers (up to a maximum of 5) and you will be provided with tickets that have numbers which have been randomly generated either by your NSW Lotteries ticket outlet or OzLotteries.com.

• Request a selection of SEQUENTIAL ticket numbers (there is no limit to how many here) and you will be provided with tickets that have numbers which follow on from each other sequentially either by your NSW Lotteries ticket outlet or OzLotteries.com.

A ticket for this Lucky Lotteries game costs AUS $5.90.

Who Can Play?

As with most lottery games around the world, you used to have to live in the country where the lottery was based in order to actually take part.

Now, though, with the welcome presence of authentic and authorized online lottery ticket sales agencies such as OzLotteries – you are able to play most of these games from the comfort of your own home no matter where in the world you may live.

This applies to the Lucky Lotteries$5 Jackpot Lottery – and any of the other Australian lottery games available from NSW Lotteries and OzLotteries.com and you can buy lottery tickets for your chose game whether you live in Australia or anywhere else around the world.

This is excellent news, of course, if you live outside of Australia and want to play the Lucky Lotteries$5 Jackpot Lottery – and guarantee your entry into the next available draw or just simply wish to enjoy the ease and convenience of being able to buy lottery tickets online through OzLotteries.com.

Once you have entered into the NSWLotteriesOz Lotteries.com$5 Jackpot Lottery, you are then easily able to check the Australian Lotto results online to see how you have done and to find out if you have become one of the lucky lottery winners.

The age limit at which you can purchase tickets for any of the Australian Lotteries games varies from state to state but for NSW Lottery games either through NSW Lotterires or OzLotteries.com it is 18 years of age.

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Information & Background

The origins of the NSW Lotteries $2 Jackpot Lottery and $5 Jackpot Lottery go right back to the early 1930s, as these games are pretty much the same as the very first NSW Lotto draw which was conducted on August 20th 1931 by the then NSW State Lottery Office.

You can find most Australian Lottery results either by checking out the live draws on television or in the national or regional papers.

If you play lottery online with companies like OzLotteries.com, you will automatically receive the Oz Lotto results and results for the Lucky Lotteries or whichever game you play – direct from OzLotteries.com.

Since it began, the Lucky Lotteries – $5 Jackpot Lottery – has undergone some changes, with the jackpot increment being increased to AUS $250,000 per draw.

Also, the number of lottery tickets available for each draw has been increased to 180,000 tickets available for each draw.

$2 Jackpot Lottery prizes…

There are so many prizes available for every Lucky Lotteries – $5 Jackpot Lottery draw that it makes for a very exciting game to play.

Here is a complete breakdown of the $5 Jackpot Lottery prizes

JACKPOT prize = MINIMUM of AUS $1,000,000 (it could be MUCH more!)

FIRST prize = AUS $200,000

SECOND prize = AUS $20,000

THIRD prize = AUS $5,000

5 prizes @ AUS $1,000

10 prizes @ AUS $500

25 prizes @ AUS $100

75 prizes @ AUS $50

600 prizes @ AUS $20

3,090 prizes @ AUS $10

In total there are 11,425 prizes to be won and out of these – 3,810 win tax free cash and 7,615 win free lottery tickets.

The prize structure for every draw of the Lucky Lotteries$5 Jackpot Lottery – is the same. This also applies to the $2 Jackpot Lottery.

$5 Jackpot Lottery Draw Schedule…

(As at 24/01/2015)



* Expected Date

** Expected Jackpot


$5 Jackpot Lottery



* Please note that the draw schedule is subject to any change necessary.

** Due to the draw timings, the expected jackpot amount may have been won by the time that your ticket is drawn. However, there is always a GUARANTEED minimum jackpot of AUS $1,000,000 for the $5 Jackpot Lottery.

What Are The Odds?

The odds of winning a prize on the Lucky Lotteries$5 JACKPOT LOTTERY are good when compared with many other lotteries around the world.


Prize Amount




1 in 8,508,403



1 in 180,000



1 in 180,000



1 in 180,000

ANY Cash Prize


1 in 37

ANY Prize (Incl. FREE lottery tickets)


1 in 16

Record Jackpots…

The biggest jackpot to date to have been won on the Lucky Lotteries $5 Jackpot Lottery has been AUS$ 38.18 Million won November 22nd 2011 by a woman from Sydney.

How Are Jackpots Paid?

All Australian Lottery prizes – including all those offered by NSW Lotteries and OzLotteries.com – are paid as tax free cash lump sums.

If your Lucky Lotteries$5 Jackpot Lottery – prize is less than AUS $1,000, you will be able to claim it from any NSW Lotto retail outlet any time from the day of the draw.

If you have won any prize from AUS $1,000 to AUS $10,000, you can claim your prize by sending a prize claim form – which will be available from the NSW Lottery retail agency – to NSW Lotteries who will then post your winnings to you.

If you have won a major prize on the Lucky Lotteries$5 Jackpot Lottery – of over AUS $10,000, your NSW Lottery retail outlet will contact NSW Lotteries Headquarters who will appoint a representative to call you. You will then be able to claim your prize by sending them a completed prize claim form. Once this is received at the NSW Lotteries HQ, they will send your winnings to you by post.

With NSW Lottery games, you have 6 years from the date of the draw to claim your winnings before your ticket will become invalid.

Of course, if you buy lottery tickets online and have played the Lucky Lotteries $5 Jackpot Lottery through an accredited and authorized lottery sales company such as OzLotteries – you will not have to be concerned with any of this as they will take care of everything for you.

Where The Money Goes…

The money that players spend on NSW Lotteries games whether this is through OzLotteries.com or any other source goes towards helping to pay for important projects within the local communities.

Indeed, Australian lottery games have helped to fund such landmark projects such as the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

It has always been the aim of the NSW Lottery to produce quality games such as the Oz Lotto and Lucky Lotteries that – with the support of its customers purchasing through NSW Lottery retail outlets or through OzLotteries.com – benefit the community whilst at the same time helping to make people’s dreams and aspirations a reality.

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