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GosLoto 7 49 Jackpot 186,322,944 ₽

GosLoto 7 49
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Lottery Russia – Russia Lottery

Whilst the purpose of this page is to concentrate on one of the very latest Russia Lottery games – it is interesting to take a brief look at Russian lottery history and note that the State Lottery of Russia actually first operated as far back in time as 1764.

Then coming into the nineteenth century – the Russian military benefited from a from lottery in 1914 – and 1970 saw the introduction of a Sports Lottery which essentially became the benchmark for future Russia Lottery games as it allowed players to pick their own numbers just like most world lotteries of today instead of using a raffle type of system of pre-printed numbers.

These days Russian Lottery games are just as cutting edge as all National and State Lotteries to be found across the world with Orglot being the main operator running the most widely-played and popular Russian Lotteries – the GosLotoГослото – range of games.

Further on down the page you will find us using both the words GosLoto and Гослото when talking about the GosLoto 7 49 – or Гослото 7 49. Quite simply the latter is the true Russian spelling of the name and the former is its English translation.

GosLoto – Orglot – Russian Lottery

Today’s Russian State Lottery is operated by Orglot who are a private enterprise and were formed in 2003 by the now defunct Gazprombank. Orglot’s Russia Lottery games are fully authorised and approved by the Russian Federation Government and they are proud members of the European Lotteries Asscoiation.

From the outset – the principal aim of Orglot has been to provide funding for the Sports and Health industries within the Russian Federation whilst at the same time offering exciting Russian Lottery games.

The GosLoto 6 45 (Гослото 6 45), GosLoto 7 49 (Гослото 7 49) and the GosLoto 5 36 (Гослото 5 36) are three of Orglot’s primary offerings and have become well-known in the world of Lottery Russia.

The inaugural game to be offered by Orglot was GosLoto 7 49 for which the first draw took place on September 10th 2005 and it still produces the biggest lottery jackpots of all Russian Lottery games today.

Orglot’s GosLoto range of games are all Pan-Russian State lotteries and are played the length and breadth of the country – and since they began to sell lottery tickets online in April 2010 and TheLotter introduced them to its extensive worldwide lottery range in September 2012 – people from anywhere in the world can now buy lottery tickets online for these Russian Lottery games.

Orglot and GosLoto use some of the most technically developed lotto equipment on the market – provided by Intralot – the Greek company who supply and assist with technology to the lottery industry in 53 different countries.

GosLoto 7 49 – Overview

The GosLoto 7 49 is certainly one of the most widely played of all Russian Lottery games and offers some of the biggest jackpots to be found in the world of Lottery Russia.

The GosLoto 7/49 – Гослото 7 49 – was the first game to be introduced by Orglot after its formation 2 years earlier with the very first draw taking place back on September 10th 2005.

A standard lottery jackpot type game – the GosLoto 7 49 operates with a singular matrix of 7 from 49 – and is drawn once a week on a Sunday evening at 11pm Moscow time (GMT +4).

You can buy lottery tickets for the GosLoto 7 49 up until 8pm Moscow time (GMT+4) on Sundays – just 3 hours prior to the draw.

The GosLoto 7 49 produces some very large jackpots indeed and there is no limit as to how big the top prize can grow – as it will rollover each time it is not won – increasing in size until it is successfully claimed.

Having fully covered all aspects of this original Orglot Russian Lottery game we are most pleased to recommend to anyone taking a much more detailed look at just how the GosLoto 7 49 – Гослото 7 49 – works below…

GosLoto 7 49 – How It Works

As the name of the game would imply – the GosLoto 7 49 is played using a single, 7-ball matrix of 7/49 – meaning that when you Play GosLoto 7/49 you have to select 7 numbers out of a range of numbers from 1 through to 49.

You will win the GosLoto 7 49 jackpot prize if you match all 7 of the winning GosLoto 7 49 numbers which are drawn from a single drawing machine every Sunday evening.

The exciting thing is that the GosLoto 7 49 has NO jackpot cap meaning that the top prize has reached as big as 300,000,000 руб and will rollover – rising in size after every draw when no-one matches its 7 winning lottery numbers.

On top of the jackpot there are 4 more different prize divisions to be won on the GosLoto 7 49 – giving you a total of 5 prize levels to aim for and winning lottery odds from as low as 1 in 22.

You can, of course, pick your own lottery numbers – but the GosLoto 7 49 also offers a Quick Pick option whereby you can also choose to ask the computer or your lottery retailer to select your 7 numbers for you. This is the same as the Easy Pick or Lucky Dip options that are available on most USA Lottery and European Lottery games.

To summarise – the GosLoto 7 49 is a very exciting and easy game to play whether you choose your own lotto numbers or prefer the computer terminal to select them on your behalf using its own random number generator or lottery number picker – a most popular way in which people play lottery games these days.

GosLoto 7 49 – Who Can Play?

Not long ago you had to be living inside the Russian Federation in order to be able to play any Russian Lottery games – this would have included the popular GosLoto 7 49.

Things changed for the better in April 2010 when Гослото (GosLoto) started the sale of online lottery tickets thus opening up the market of Russia Lottery games to a wider audience of online lottery players.

The net was cast even wider in September 2012 when lotto players from anywhere around the world could now begin to play Russian Lottery games no matter which country they lived in – the most prominent online lotto ticket sales company TheLotter having included the GosLoto 7 49 in its wide portfolio of world lotteries.

This has proved particularly attractive for native Russians who may now be living outside of the Russian Federation but who would still like to play Russian Lottery games – and equally so for lottery players around the world who would like to have a go at the Russian Lottery and buy lottery tickets online with ease and simplicity.

As with the GosLoto 6 45 and all games in the Lottery Russia range – you will need to be 18 years of age to play the GosLoto 7 49.

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GosLoto 7 49

GosLoto 7 49 Odds of Winning

There are 5 separate ways of winning the GosLoto 7 49 Russian Lottery and the odds are very comparable to most of the major World Lottery games.

Many thousands of prizes are available to be won after the draw every Sunday – from matching all of the winning lottery numbers for a jackpot prize right down to matching only 3 of the winning numbers drawn.

In order to win a GosLoto 7 49 jackpot you will be playing with odds of 1 in 85,900,584 for correctly selecting the 7 winning lotto numbers drawn each week.

For a 2nd division prize the lottery odds then drop right down to only 1 in 292,179 for successfully matching 6 of the lottery winning numbers – whilst a 3rd level prize carries odds of 1 in 4,751 for selecting 5 of the 7 numbers drawn.

4th division prizes on the GosLoto 7 49 offer odds of 1 in 214 for correctly selecting 4 of the lotto winning numbers and the odds of winning a 5th tier prize come down to 1 in 22 for matching just 3 of the 7 main numbers.

Please refer to the easy-to-read table underneath which shows full GosLoto 7 49 – Гослото 7 49 – odds of winning this Russian Lottery…

GosLoto 7 49 Results

Draws for the GosLoto 7 49 are made by its Russian Lottery organisers – Orglot – once every week on a Sunday evening at 11pm Moscow time (GMT+4).

You will be able to find out the very latest GosLoto 7 49 Results by numerous methods – for example they will be shown live very soon after 11.30pm on the official Russia Lottery website

There are many other ways to see the GosLoto 7 49 results and check your lottery tickets to find out if you have become one of the lucky Russian Lottery winners.

The GosLoto 7 49 Results will also be available here at Global Lottery Review at any time of the day or week either for the very latest game and for any of the previous draws you can check up on past GosLoto 7 49 Results as well as other Russian Lottery results.

Further places that you can obtain the latest GosLoto 7 49 results are the Russian Lottery retail outlet from where you purchased your ticket, the newspaper Sport Express on Tuesdays and on

GosLoto 7 49 – Record Jackpots

Jackpots for the GosLoto 7 49 can reach some great heights especially when they rollover week after week should nobody successfully choose the correct combination of 7 winning numbers.

GosLoto 7 49 jackpots have reached a high of 300 MILLION руб – a staggering sum in terms of Russian Lottery games.

Whilst the GosLoto 7 49 generally offers bigger jackpots than its sister Russian Lottery game – the highly popular GosLoto 6 45 – the Гослото 6 45 has also produced many noteworthy jackpot prizes some of which we recall below…

135 MILLION руб was shared between 2 GosLoto 6 45 jackpot winners which resulted in a 67.6 MILLION руб split making it the largest Гослото 6 45 win to date.

The biggest GosLoto 6 45 win from a single lottery ticket so far has been the 100 MILLION руб jackpot scooped by Albert Begrakyan in April of 2009.

Other big GosLoto 6 45 jackpot wins include Mikhail N.’s top prize of 45.3 MILLION руб, Yevgeny Sidorov’s 35 MILLION руб jackpot and the November 2010 win of 25.98 MILLION руб by Alexei Sablin who won the top prize when he played the Russian Lottery online.

GosLoto 7 49 – How are Prizes Paid?

For any prize that you win on the GosLoto 7 49 Russia Lottery – from the jackpot down to a lower level prize – your lotto winnings will be paid to you as a lump sum in cash.

You will also have to make the claim for your Russian Lottery prize prior to 180 days from the lottery draw date before your winning ticket will become null and void – this applies to all games in the GosLoto range.

You should be able to make your prize claim at the Russia Lottery retailer where you bought your ticket from. The retailers will all have varying prize claim limits and depending upon the amount you have won – they will either give you your winnings upon presentation of your winning ticket or ask you to contact the Headquarters of GosLoto (Гослото) where you can claim your prize.

You will need to visit the Гослото (GosLoto) Moscow Headquarters to make your prize claim if you have been fortunate to have won a GosLoto 7 49 prize in excess of 1 MILLION руб or a jackpot prize.

An accredited online lottery ticket sales organisation such as TheLotter which is fully authorised and genuine – will dispatch your lottery winnings to you directly and without delay should you decide to play lottery online with them – thus avoiding any of the above concerns.

If you win on the GosLoto 7 49 – your Russian Lottery prize will carry a tax charge of 13%.

GosLoto 7 49 – What Happens to the Money?

As well as the excitement and anticipation of a potential lottery win – Lotto players usually like to know where their money is being distributed – preferably to good and charitable causes.

The GosLoto 7 49 and all Russia lottery games are no exception – and from its very beginning the aim of Гослото has been to channel profits into promoting good health throughout the Russian Federation principally into the area of Sporting endeavours.

Roughly 15% of all Russian Lottery proceeds accrued from the sales of GosLoto tickets has been put towards the advancement of the Physical Culture and Russian Federation Sports in general.

In particular – lottery funding has been set aside to assist with the Winter Olympics of 2014 which is due to be held in the city of Sochi – in addition to the continuous construction and general repair of sports arenas encompassing areas such as swimming, skating, hockey plus sports schools and halls.

At least 50% of the funds raised from the overall ticket sales of GosLoto games is funnelled directly back into the pool of monies set aside for GosLoto prizes – meaning that this percentage is then returned to lottery players.

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GosLoto 7 49

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