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“The GosLoto 6 45 – Гослото 6 45 – 3 times a week from the Russian Lottery”

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GosLoto 6 45 Jackpot 14,849,355 ₽

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Russian Lottery – Lottery Russia

Russian Lottery games can trace their origin back as far as 1764 when the very first Russian State Lottery began whilst more recently in 1914 there was a Russia Lottery for the military.

In 1970 a Sports Lottery was then introduced which was revolutionary at the time as it was the first Russian Lottery whereby the players themselves chose their lottery numbers as opposed to using pre-printed numbers on pre-printed tickets.

Today, modern Russia Lottery games are very similar to the majority of National Lottery games operated around the world – the biggest and most popular of these being the GosLotoГослото – range of Russian Lottery games run by Orglot.

Throughout this review section we shall talk about the game in question either by its native Russian name – Гослото 6 45 – or its translated English name – GosLoto 6 45. Either way it will be the same game that we are referring to.

GosLoto – Orglot – Lottery Russia

These days, Orglot are responsible for organising and administering the main Russian State Lottery games with Orglot – originally founded by Gazprombank and now being a privately owned company – overseen by the Russian Federation Government.

Orglot was formed back in 2003 and held its first Russian Lottery draw on September 10th 2005. It was approved by the Russian Government in January 2006.

The main aim of Orglot – apart from being the main lottery industry leader in the vast country of Russia, of course – has always been to raise funding for Sports infrastructure and promote the physical culture throughout Russia whilst building and maintaining Sports facilities right across the nation.

As already mentioned, the Russian Lotteries offered by Orglot are the GoslotoГослото – range of games which include the Гослото 6 45, Гослото 7 49 and Гослото 5 36.

These are all Pan-Russian State Lotteries which are played across the whole of Russia from St.Petersburg in the West to Petropavlovsk in the East – with Russian Lottery tickets being sold by more than 200 companies in 70 different regions off Russia.

Orglot began selling Russian Lottery tickets online in April 2010 – the first company in the history of Lottery Russia to do so.

Since September 2012 this advantage of lottery players being able to buy lottery tickets online for GosLoto games has been opened up to anyone around the world since TheLotter has added them to their world portfolio of online lotteries available.

Orglot enjoy a fruitful partnership with the well-known Greek company – Intralot – who supply the most technologically advanced lottery equipment to many National Lottery companies across the world. This means that Orglot and Гослото use of some of the most up to date lottery equipment and technology.

GosLoto 6 45 – Overview

So firstly, let’s look at the most popular and principal game in the Гослото range of Russia Lottery games – the Gosloto 6 45 – the main Russian State Lottery.

The Гослото 6 45 is a typical jackpot lotto style game which uses a single matrix of 6 out of 45. Lottery tickets for the Гослото 6/45 were first put on sale on October 27th 2008 and the game was first drawn by Orglot back on November 10th 2008.

Draws for the Гослото 6 45 game take place 3 times every week at 11pm Moscow time (GMT+4) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and are shown live on the television. Ticket sales close on draw days at 8pm Moscow time (GMT+4).

Like most other jackpot lottery games around the world – each time the Гослото 6/45 jackpot is not won it will rolloverrising in size each time until somebody correctly matches the 6 winning lottery numbers. This can lead to some very large Гослото jackpots – read about some of the biggest ones further on down the page.

We are very pleased to have reviewed this popular Russia Lottery – Гослото 6 45 – and recommend reading below how the game works…

GosLoto 6 45 – How It Works

The GosLoto 6 45 – as its name suggests – uses a single matrix of 6/45 which means that when you Play Гослото 6 45 you will need to choose your 6 numbers out of a range of lottery numbers from 1 to 45.

The Гослото numbers are drawn from a single drum on the drawing nights of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings.

If you correctly match the 6 winning lottery numbers drawn you will become the lucky winner of a Гослото 6 45 jackpot prize.

The jackpot for the Гослото 6 45 starts off at 10 MILLION руб – and this gets bigger after each draw where the top prize is not won – making for some big wins indeed.

There are a grand total of 5 separate prize categories to be won on the Гослото 6 45 so in addition to the jackpot itself – there are 4 further ways in which you can win the lottery.

There is a Quick Pick facility available when you play Гослото 6 45 which means that you can ask the computer to pick your lottery numbers for you using its built-in Random Number Generator or Lotto Number Picker – especially useful if you don’t have favourite numbers that you use when you play.

Basically, playing the Гослото 6 45 is quite simple – simply select your own 6 numbers or ask the retailer or computer to pick them at random for you. Either way the odds of winning are the same.

GosLoto 6 45 – Who Can Play?

Until recent times – only residents of Russia itself were able to play any of the Russian Lottery games including the GosLoto 6 45.

Things changed in April 2010 when Гослото began selling lottery tickets online which meant that even lottery players who couldn’t get to a retailer could take part in the action.

Russia Lottery games have been opened up to an even wider audience since September 2012 when the world’s leading online lottery ticket sales organisation – TheLotter – added the Гослото 6 45 to its range of world lottery games meaning that now anyone from anywhere around the world can play Гослото games from the comfort of their own homes.

This is great news for Russian ex-pats living outside the country – or anyone else for that matter – who would like to play the Гослото 6 45 and for those who simply want to enjoy the convenience of being able to buy lottery tickets online.

In line with the majority of world lotteries – you will need to be at least 18 years of age to take part in any Russia Lottery games including the Гослото 6 45.

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(GosLoto 6 45)

GosLoto 6 45 – Odds of Winning

The odds of winning a prize on the GosLoto 6 45 are very encouraging when compared to many of the world’s lottery games – and with 5 different ways to win there are many, many prizes to be won 3 times every week by matching anything from 2 to 6 of the winning lotto numbers drawn.

The odds of you winning one of the Гослото 6 45 jackpot prizes are 1 in 8,145,060 for correctly picking all 6 lotto winning numbers.

For a prize on the 2nd level – the odds are 1 in 34,808 for correctly matching 5 of the winning numbers drawn and 1 in 733 for a 3rd tier prize by matching 4 of the winning numbers.

To win a prize on the 4th level – the odds are 1 in 45 for matching 3 of the lottery winning numbers and you can even win by matching only 2 of the winning Гослото 6 45 numbers – giving you a 5th tier prize for which the odds are just 1 in 7.

The table below shows you the odds of winning on the Гослото 6 45 in a simple and at-a-glance format…

GosLoto 6/45 Odds of Winning

Prize Level

Number of Matches


Odds of Winning




1 in 8,145,060



2nd Prize

1 in 34,808



3rd Prize

1 in 733



4th Prize

1 in 45



5th Prize

1 in 7

GosLoto 6 45 Results

The GosLoto 6 45 is drawn 3 times every week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 11pm Moscow time (GMT+4).

The latest GosLotо 6 45 Results will be made available shortly after 11.30pm Moscow time on the Russian Lottery official website – stoloto.ru.

You can find the Гослото results in various ways to check your ticket and see if you have been lucky with the winning Гослото numbers drawn.

The Гослото results will be available at most Russia Lottery retailers, in the Tuesday edition of the Sport Express newspaper as well as being shown on TV at tv.gosloto.ru.

You can also check the latest Гослото 6 45 Results here at any time on Global Lottery Review as well as check up on any of the previous Гослото Results.

GosLoto 6 45 – Record Jackpots

The overall biggest jackpot won on the GosLoto 6 45 so far has been the incredible amount of 364,685,787.00 руб top prize which was won on the draw of Saturday May 20th 2017.

The 2nd biggest GosLoto 6 45 jackpot won so far has been a huge 303,527,903 руб which was won on July 17th 2020.

The 3rd largest GosLoto 6 45 jackpot won to date has been a massive 203.17 MILLION руб which was split between 2 lucky winners who each received 101,587,947.00 руб on January 30th 2015.

The 4th biggest win to be had so far on the GosLoto 6 45 has been the incredible 184.5 MILLION руб which was won by a man from Omsk on February 10th 2014.

The 5th largest Гослото 6 45 jackpot to be produced to date has been 135 MILLION руб which was split between 2 lucky winners who each received a healthy 67.6 MILLION руб.

The 6th largest jackpot to have been won on the Гослото 6 45 has been the amazing sum of 100 MILLION руб which was won in April 2009 by Albert Begrakyan – a 35 year old entrepreneur from St.Petersburg.

Other most notable wins on the Гослото 6 45 have been the superb 45.3 MILLION руб won with the numbers 18, 19, 21, 29, 33 by Mikhail N., a 38 year old ecconomist from the Surgut / Tyumen area of Siberia – and the 35 MILLION руб won by Yevgeny Sidorov.

Players have also been winning big amounts online since Гослото tickets have been sold over the internet – the biggest so far being the 25.98 MILLION руб won in November 2010 by Alexei Sablin from St.Petersburg.

GosLoto 6 45 – How Prizes are Paid

If you win any prize on the GosLoto 6 45 – including the jackpot – you will be paid your winnings in the form of a cash lump sum.

For all Russia Lottery prizes won on Гослото games you will have 180 days from the date of the draw in which to claim your winnings before your winning ticket will become invalidated.

You can claim your prize at the retail outlet from which you purchased your Гослото ticket. Depending upon the amount won – the retailer will either pay you directly upon receipt of your winning lottery ticket or advise you to claim your winnings from the Гослото Headquarters.

If you have been lucky enough to win more than 1 MILLION руб you will need to visit the Гослото Headquarters in Moscow to claim your prize.

If you play lottery online with a genuine, reputable and fully accredited lottery ticket sales company such as TheLotter – none of this will be a concern for you as part of their service is to make sure you are paid your winnings promptly and directly.

All wins on the Гослото are subject to a 13% tax levy.

GosLoto 6 45 – Where the Money Goes

Almost as important as winning the lottery itself – it is generally also important to lottery players that the monies that they play with are used wisely.

Firstly, a minimum of 50% of the money generated by Гослото lottery ticket sales goes straight back into the winning prize pool available.

Since its outset back in 2005 – approximately 15% of all profits raised by sales of Гослото games has gone towards the development of Sports and Physical Culture throughout Russia.

So far, in excess of 200 sporting facilities throughout 39 regions of Russia have been created as part of the constant and ongoing program of building and maintaining of top sporting facilities.

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