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Euro Jackpot Numbers

The EuroJackpot numbers are naturally a fundamental part of the EuroJackpot Lottery game – and you will firstly need to select your own selection of Euro Jackpot numbers whenever you play Euro Jackpot – and secondly the Euro Jackpot numbers drawn every Friday evening determine the EuroJackpot Results.

There are numerous methods by which you can choose your own Euro Jackpot Numbers when you Play EuroJackpot and we shall be looking into these very shortly. Your goal, naturally, will be to try and select the winning EuroJackpot numbers or to get as close to the winning lotto numbers as possible.

The page here on the Euro Jackpot numbers is aimed, mainly, for those lottery players who would like to learn in a bit more detail just how the EuroJackpot game works and in particular – exactly how the Euro Jackpot numbers work.

So, if you have not yet started to play Euro Jackpot or are thinking about playing EuroJackpot then this section will act as a very good starting point in helping you understand more about the Euro Jackpot numbers and how they work.

How to Select your EuroJackpot Numbers

Ok, so the first thing that you will need to do when you play EuroJackpot is to choose your own EuroJackpot numbers – so how do you do this and how many Euro Jackpot numbers should you choose from?

Well, the Euro Jackpot lottery uses what’s known as a double or twin matrix – which means that 2 sets of lottery numbers are drawn to create the winning lottery numbers.

With the EuroJackpot – the lotto numbers that are drawn will firstly be 5 numbers out of a range of numbers from 1 to 50 – and secondly 2 numbers out of a range of numbers from 1 to 10.

Therefore when you select your own EuroJackpot numbers you will firstly have to choose 5 main numbers from 1 to 50 followed by 2 extra numbers – which are called Euro Numbers or the Lucky Stars – from 1 to 10.

Depending upon whether you play EuroJackpot online or offline from your nearest EuroJackpot retailer – the method of entering your Euro Jackpot numbers will vary but only slightly.

If you play EuroJackpot online you will simply enter you chosen EuroJackpot numbers into the computer form on the website of the company that you use to buy lottery tickets online – and if you buy EuroJackpot tickets from your local retailer you will enter your selected Euro Jackpot numbers onto the playslip provided.

3 Ways to Pick your EuroJackpot Numbers

Making the EuroJackpot ticket purchasing process very easy – there are really only 3 primary methods that you need to consider when you choose and enter your own EuroJackpot numbers.

1 – Firstly, when you buy EuroJackpot tickets from a local retailer on the streets you can select your own EuroJackpot Numbers and mark the boxes on the hard copy EuroJackpot playslip that the retailer will give to you.

On the EuroJackpot playslip the main numbers from 1 to 50 will be printed followed by the Euro Numbers – or the Lucky Starsfrom 1 to 10. Simply make your selection of 5 main numbers by putting a mark against them and then follow the same procedure with your 2 Euro Numbers or Lucky Stars.

2 – Secondly, another method you can use when you are playing EuroJackpot at your local retailer is to make use of the retailer’s own Quick Pick facility and have the vendor's computer terminal use its random number generator to pick your Euro Jackpot numbers for you giving you a completely random selection.

This will automatically generate a mark in the appropriate number of boxes for both your main Euro Jackpot numbers and your Euro Numbers or Lucky Stars.

It is also worth noting that you are able to pick your Euro Jackpot numbers for more than one draw using the same Euro Jackpot playslip. You are also able to play EuroJackpot games for anything between 1 and 10 draws using the very same playslip.

3 – The third main way that you can easily select your Euro Jackpot numbers is when you buy lottery tickets online. When you play EuroJackpot online you have similar options as mentioned above. We will look at how to play Euro Jackpot online in more detail in the next paragraph…

EuroJackpot Numbers Online

Picking your EuroJackpot numbers online is just as easy and is done in exactly the same manner as when you play EuroJackpot at your local retailer.

When you buy lottery tickets online for the EuroJackpot game you simply make your choice of Euro Jackpot numbers as described above – firstly your 5 main Euro Jackpot numbers and then your 2 Euro Numbers – or Lucky Stars.

You then enter them yourself into the boxes provided by your online lottery ticket sales company giving you a complete set of Euro Jackpot numbers to play Euro Jackpot with.

When you Play EuroJackpot Online you can also use a Lucky Dip or Quick Pick facility and have the computer use its random number generator to pick the numbers for you giving you a completely random set of Euro Jackpot numbers.

You are also more than welcome to use the Global Lottery Review lotto number picker – random number generator – at any time to select your Euro Jackpot numbers for you.

The beauty of playing EuroJackpot online is that you don’t have to spend your time physically visiting a retailer and therefore you can never loose your EuroJackpot tickets – plus all your EuroJackpot winnings will be automatically paid directly to you.

Another great advantage of playing Euro Jackpot online is that you do not have to live in one of the 18 EuroJackpot participating countries to be able to play – you can easily play EuroJackpot from anywhere around the world.

We recommend that you only use authorised and respected online lottery ticket sales companies such as TheLotter when you play EuroJackpot online.

EuroJackpot Numbers EuroJackpot Results

The final thing to mention about the Euro Jackpot numbers is the actual EuroJackpot Results which will determine whether or not you have become a winner in the EuroJackpot game.

The Euro Jackpot numbers drawn every Friday evening will make up the EuroJackpot Results for that draw – and you will, of course, want to know if you have become one of the lucky EuroJackpot winners in that particular game.

You can find out the very latest Euro Jackpot results in many different ways as we have detailed on our EuroJackpot Results page. You can also read much more about the Euro Jackpot results there as well as learn about the numerous ways that you can find out the latest EuroJackpot results.

So, in a nutshell, that’s how it all works – you make your own selection of Euro Jackpot numbers when you play, the winning EuroJackpot numbers are drawn each Friday from Helsinki, Finland and these then make up the latest EuroJackpot results.

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