Mega Millions Jackpot Settles at USD 648 MILLION!

"2nd Biggest Lotto Jackpot Ever as Mega Millions Jackpot settles at USD 648 MILLION"

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Just as we all thought was likely - the previously advertised USD 636 MILLION Mega Millions jackpot of Tuesday 17th December 2013 managed to climb a notch or two higher once the final statistics all came together from the 45 different US Lottery companies that participate in the Mega Millions lottery.

The final tally for last night's jackpot was a whopping US$ 648 MILLION making this monumental draw just US$ 8 MILLION short of the all time biggest lottery jackpot which was US$ 656 MILLION won in March 2012 - once again won on the Mega Millions.

The cash option for Tuesday's draw ended up being US$ 347.6 MILLION which means that the 2 Mega Millions winners from California and Georgia both have 2 very exciting options to choose from - whether to take a US$ 173.8 MILLION cash lump sum or instead plump for a US$ 323 MILLION annuity payment over 30 years. Not a bad choice to have to make!

So - as the Mega Millions jackpot settles at USD 648 MILLION - just why has the Mega Millions climbed so high on this occasion?

It is as a direct result of the Mega Millions Changes that were made in October 2013 - and this was indeed the chief reason the Mega Millions consortium decided to make the alterations to the game's matrix.

After extensive research it was found that players across the nation wanted to have much bigger jackpots to play for more often and wished for there to be a greater number of winners.

So - the whole idea behind increasing the number of main Mega Millions numbers to the current 1 through 75 from the pre-October 1 through 56 and decreasing the number of Mega Ball numbers to the present 1 through 15 from the pre-October 1 through 46 was not only to encourage much larger Mega Millions Jackpot wins but also to inflate the number of overall Mega Millions winners.

This has certainly proved to be a correct move on both counts as the Mega Millions jackpot settles at USD 648 MILLION and now becomes only the 2nd lottery jackpot ever to exceed the US$ 600 MILLION mark!

The first Mega Millions draw to take place with these changes in operation was that of Tuesday October 22nd 2013. At that point the MegaMillions had already begun its steady climb - having rolled over 5 times since Friday October 4th.

So - it appears there was no delay at all in the Mega Millions fulfilling its players wishes and right from the very start of the new changes being implemented - a near record jackpot was in the process of being created.

This is exciting stuff! The last draw on Tuesday 17th December proves this as finally the Mega Millions jackpot settles at USD 648 MILLION. If the Mega Millions can produce such a massive jackpot with its new configuration that early - just what may happen down the line?

How many more jackpots in excess of US$ 500 MILLION will be produced and how often could this occur? Only time will tell but we can be sure that it WILL happen again and it is almost certain that the current record US$ 656 MILLION Mega Millions jackpot record will be shattered at some point.

It has been predicted that between the 2 biggest USA Lottery games - Mega Millions and Powerball - a US$ 1 BILLION lottery jackpot is really not that far away!

We look forward to that day and to more huge jackpots to play for in 2014.

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