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Earn Commissions as a Love My Lotto Affiliate

The highly popular multi lottery syndicate system which was introduced by Love My Lotto has now undergone a few years of good, steady growth since its December 2010 launch.

Love My Lotto offers lottery players around the world the chance to vastly increase their chances of winning lottery games by taking part in 5 different lotteries all at the same time – with over £100 MILLION of prizes every month.

Love My Lotto became the world’s first and only lottery company that offers players an all-inclusive, multi lottery syndicate system with entries into the EuroMillions, EuroMillions Raffle, UK Lotto, UK Lotto Raffle & the special £1 MILLION Jackpot Daily Draw.

The Love My Lotto Affiliate Program

In addition to this fabulous lottery syndicate system operated by Love My Lotto – there is also a very generous referral program available in the Love My Lotto Affiliate portfolio which can be a great and rewarding way to boost your household income.

As an affiliate of Love My Lotto you can recommend people to the multi lottery syndicates available and earn good commission every time they play having registered on

We have researched numerous lottery affiliate programs in the past and believe the Love My Lotto social affiliate program to be one of the best there is – with very handsome rewards readily attainable through the LoveMyLotto commission structure.

It’s a simple process to Register as a Love My Lotto affiliate today and start building your LoveMyLotto team straight away.

Love My Lotto Affiliate Paid Down 2 Levels

At up to 25% commission on offer from LoveMyLotto – we think this a great lottery affiliate opportunity – and with such a unique product offering – one of the best around at the moment.

As a Love My Lotto affiliate you would be paid commissions down through 2 levels of referrals.

This means that you would not only get paid commissions for those people whom you refer to Love My Lotto yourself – but also on the people that they refer down to 2 levels in depth.

A great way to boost your current income…

Love My Lotto Affiliate Commission Structure

Here is the commission structure that is available to you as a Love My Lotto affiliate – we are sure you will agree that it is a great compensation plan.

  •            Level 1 referrals – 20% commission
  •            Level 2 referrals – 5% commission

That works out at an overall of 25% commission that is available to all affiliate LoveMyLotto members.

Love My Lotto Affiliate How to Promote?

So, all you need to do as a LoveMyLotto affiliate is to share the fact that people can increase their chances of winning the lottery by playing in a completely unique Multi Lottery Syndicate that includes entries into the EuroMillions, UK Lotto, Lotto RaffleEuroMillions Raffle and the £1 MILLION Jackpot Daily Draw.

There are many different methods you can use to let people know what a great lottery syndicate product you have found here.

Here we shall take a look at some easy ways that you can recommend to both people you know – as well as those you don’t know – the benefits they can enjoy by playing in a Love My Lotto syndicate and how they can quite easily increase their chances of winning the lottery by harnessing the power of multiple entries.

Love My Lotto Affiliate Family & Friends

Firstly, you can share the LoveMyLotto product by word of mouth – simply recommending the Love My Lotto syndicates to your family and friends – especially those who already play lottery.

Simply point them to your unique Love My Lotto referral link – which you will get after you Register as a Love My Lotto affiliate member – and they can then either click on your unique link or type it into their web browser and follow the registration process.

Once your referred customer has joined a Love My Lotto syndicate and bought an entry into a Multi Lottery Syndicate – you will then become eligible for referral commissions straight away.

They can – of course – also join you as an affiliate of Love My Lotto and start earning the lucrative commissions available.

Love My Lotto Affiliate Internet Promotion

If you have your own website or blog – you can upload Love My Lotto creative material that will attract visitors and prompt them to click through to the LoveMyLotto site via your own tracking link.

This means there are no limits to the number of people you can potentially reach as your website can be seen around the world – & players from most countries can join a Love My Lotto syndicate.

If you don’t yet have your own website or blog you may have the ability to set one up so that you can display your unique Love My Lotto referral link and subsequently reach a wider audience.

Love My Lotto Affiliate Tools & Banners

There are numerous banners and links among the creative material available for you as a Love My Lotto affiliate – all easily found in the members area – that will help you to promote your personal Love My Lotto referral link to other potential affiliates or lottery syndicate players.

Love My Lotto have created various banners of different sizes that can be added to your own website, blog and even used as an email signature for whenever you send out a personal email.

Newsletters will also be sent out periodically by LoveMyLotto to all those whom you refer to them. These newsletters will contain your affiliate link so that if the recipient decides to play in a LoveMyLotto syndicate – you will be eligible for commissions.

Love My Lotto Affiliate Media Advertising

The Love My Lotto brand has been advertised right across the country both on TV and in national magazines and newspapers to bring the company into the minds of the watching public and stimulate product awareness. This has proved a great success.

This is a great help to anyone who is a Love My Lotto affiliate – with TV adverts for Love My Lotto having being shown during primetime TV shows such as Emmerdale and Coronation Street.

Once people have seen the TV advert they will have more belief and trust in the Love My Lotto product – they will become more aware of it certainly – and as a result more and more people will begin to join as either lottery syndicate players or affiliates.

Love My Lotto Affiliate Members area

You can find out all the information you need in order to monitor just how you are doing – with the facilities available inside the various areas of the Love My Lotto back office members area.

Here in the affiliate members area you will have at your fingertips – important statistics and data that will allow you to keep track of your Love My Lotto promotional campaigns & monitor them.

You will be able to see just how many new players and/or affiliates that you have recommended to Love My Lotto as well as what they have spent on lottery syndicate memberships as well as what commissions are due to be paid to yourself from this activity.

In addition to your own referred players or affiliates – you will also be able to see the activities of any players or affiliates that they introduce – and monitor their purchases and campaigns plus see what commissions you are due from their individual efforts.

Your LoveMyLotto affiliate members section will also contain numerous page links that will allow you to point visitors directly to particular pages within your LoveMyLotto website. This can be incredibly useful should you want to send people straight to the “Lottery Results” page for example or to the “Sign Up” page.

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