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Lottery Netherlands Nederlandse Loterij

Nederlandse Loterij

Netherlands Lottery games originally go back as far in time as 1726 when the Generality Lottery was launched to generate profits and realise funding for the Dutch government.

The Dutch National Lottery Staatsloterij as we know it today – came into being in 1848 when the Generaliteitsloterij (Generality Lottery) was renamed & the Nederlandse Staatsloterij was born.

The Netherlands Lotto – Lotto NLcan trace its origins back as far as 1961 when the Dutch government authorised the formation of Stichting de Nationale Sporttotalisator (SNS) having previously been involved with the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) with the National Toto betting on Football games since 1957.

Stichting de Nationale Sporttotalisator (SNS) applied to the Dutch government to run Netherlands Lottery games in 1971 and this application was accepted in 1974 when the original Netherlands Lotto Nederlandse Loterij was introduced by the government.

An independent company was formed to take over the running of the Nederlandse Staatsloterij from the government in 1992 and so Stichting Exploitatie Nederlandse Staatsloterij was created.

From 1993 a daily Netherlands Lotto called Lucky 10 was also part of the Loterij Nederlandse portfolio until the year 2000 when it was rebranded as Lucky Day, the game is still going strong today.

May 1994 saw the launch of the first Netherlands Lottery scratch cards – or Krasloten by the National Instant Lottery (NIL) which had now been approved & authorised by the Dutch government.

A huge addition to the Lotto NL range of games occurred in March 2012 when the EuroJackpot pan-european lottery was introduced across Europe by the Netherlands, alongside Denmark, Germany, Italy, Finland, plus Estonia and Slovenia as the founder members.

Today the Lotto NL – Netherlands Lotto – is run and organised by the Nederlandse Loterij, which was formed following the merger in April 2016 of the 2 primary Lottery Netherlands organisations of Stichting de Nationale Sporttotalisator & Nederlandse Staatsloterij.

Dutch Lottery games offered by the Nederlandseloterij include EuroJackpot, Lucky Day, Miljoenenspel, Toto & Scratch Cards (Krasloten) plus the main NL Lotto that we shall be looking at here from Loterij Nederlandse – the Lotto NL Netherlands Lotto

Lotto NL Netherlands Lotto Overview

Lotto NL

The Lotto NL Netherlands Lotto was first introduced by Stichting de Nationale Sporttotalisator back on September 1st 1974 & is the most popular in-house game in the range offered by the Netherlands Lottery.

The Lotto Netherlands is a standard lottery jackpot game similar to many world lotteries with a rising jackpot and special drawings.

Draws for the Lotto NL take place once every week from the HQ of the Nederlandse Loterij in Rijswijk on Saturday evenings at 9pm.

On the last Saturday of every month 2 separate Netherlands Lotto draws occur giving players 2 opportunities to win the jackpot. This double draw is known as the Netherlands Lottery Super Saturday Super Zaterdag & the special drawing is made once a month.

The minimum jackpot that you can win on the Netherlands Lotto is the exciting amount of € 2.5 MILLION and from this starting point the top prize can rollover to some pretty huge figures.

For each draw of the Lotto NL where the jackpot is not won it will increase in size every time by a further € 200,000,000 until a jackpot winner is finally produced and there is no jackpot limit!

We are very pleased to have reviewed the Netherlands Lottery Lotto.NL in great detail & highly recommend that you take a much closer look on down the page at how the game works...

Lotto NL Netherlands Lotto How It Works

Lotto NL

The Netherlands Lotto uses a 6/45 configuration which is a single matrix and means that when you are playing the Lotto NL you will need to select 6 numbers out of a complete range of numbers from 1 to 45. Following the drawing of these 6 primary numbers the Nederlandse Lottery draw a 7th additional number.

This spare number reservegetal – is used for the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th prize categories and determines winners on these levels.

If you successfully match all 6 of the primary Netherlands Lotto winning numbers you have the 1st prize & be a jackpot winner.

You can even win on the Lotto Netherlands by just matching 2 numbers and with 9 separate ways to win, there's lots to play for.

There is an additional game that you can play with the NL Lotto – Lotto XL. Playing with the extra Lotto XL option gives you the chance to win even more prizes up to € 1 MILLION. The same numbers as the main Lotto NL draw are used with the Lotto XL.

Your chances of winning either a Lotto NL jackpot prize or the Lotto XL top prize for choosing all 6 numbers are 1 in 8,145,060  

A Quick Pick facility is also available with when you select your Netherlands Lotto numbers so you can ask the computer to use a Random Number Generator to make your choice for you.

Lotto NL – Netherlands Lotto Who Can Play?

NL Lotto

Apart from the EuroJackpot, you will only be able to participate in any of the Nederlandse Loterij games from within the Netherlands itself – as opposed to the majority of world lottery games that you can play from anywhere around the world via online lottery ticket sales companies where you can quickly & easily buy lottery tickets online from your own home.

The prinicipal online lottery platform from where you can play in the Lotto NL – as we mentioned earlier – is nederlandseloterij.

It is, however, possible to play in one of the Netherlands Lottery games online from anywhere else including on – the Multi National EuroJackpot – which is offered across 18 countries.

You are easily able to play EuroJackpot from whichever country you live in which is great news if you happen to live outside of the Netherlands and cannot play via the Lotto NL website. One of the most respected organisations that sells lottery tickets online is TheLotter which allows anyone across the world to take part.

As with the majority of lotteries around the world – you will need to be at least 18 years of age to participate in any of the Loterij Nederlandse games & this includes the Netherlands Lotto.

Lotto NL – Netherlands Lotto Winning Odds

Nederlandse Loterij

The odds of you winning on the Netherlands Lotto are competitive when compared to the majority of lottery games around the world.

The actual lottery odds for winning the Netherlands Lottery jackpot are 1 in 8,145,060 for successfully selecting all 6 of the main numbers that are drawn by Lotto NL.

For a 2nd division prize your odds are 1 in 1,357,510 for matching 5 of the primary numbers plus the spare number reservegetal.

To win a prize on the 3rd level you have odds of 1 in 35,724 for correctly choosing 5 of the main Netherlands Lottery numbers.

A prize on the 4th division has odds of 1 in 14,290 for correctly matching 4 main numbers plus the spare number reservegetal.

For a prize on the 5th level you have winning odds of 1 in 772 for correctly picking 4 of the main Netherlands Lotto numbers drawn.

For a 6th division prize your odds are 1 in 579 for successfully selecting 3 main numbers plus the spare number reservegetal.

A prize on the 7th level has winning odds of 1 in 48 for correctly choosing only 3 of the main Netherlands Lotto numbers drawn.

For a prize on the 8th level the odds are just 1 in 64 for matching 2 of the primary numbers plus the spare number reservegetal.

A prize on the 9th & final division offers odds of just 1 in 7.4 for sucessfuly selecting only 2 of the main winning numbers drawn.

So, with 9 different ways of winning on Lotto NL and being able to win by successfully matching only 2 of the main numbers – this makes for an exciting game which is very popular among players.

Lotto NL – Netherlands Lotto Results

The Netherlands Lotto is drawn by the Nederlandse Loterij once every week on Saturdays at 9pm from the Dutch Lottery HQ. 

There are numerous methods you can use to check the most up to date Netherlands Lotto results and find out if you are a winner.

The Netherlands Lotto results are first broadcast on "Lotto Live" on the Facebook Live platform during a 15 minute show in which the entire pre-recorded draw is televised each Saturday evening.

Following the Lotto Live Facebook broadcast, the Lotto NL results will then also be available on Teletext page 555 (NED 1) and on the primary Netherlands Lottery website at nederlandseloterij.

Netherlands Lotto Record Jackpots

Loterij Nederlandse

The biggest ever jackpot to have been won on the Netherlands Lotto to date has been a magnificent € 36 MILLION which was won and shared between 22 lucky winners of the 2nd prize division back on October 16th 2010. Once this historic Lottery NL jackpot win was split equally, every of the players received in excess of € 1.6 MILLION.

The 2nd biggest Netherlands Lotto jackpot to have been won so far has been the huge € 27.9 MILLION top prize which was won on September 6th 2014 by 3 lucky winners. One player came from Zoetermeer, one from Groningen and the 3rd is unknown.

The 3rd highest jackpot win on the Netherlands Lotto to date has been a cool € 26 MILLION which was won on October 5th 2011 by 9 Lotto NL players. Each winner received € 2.88 MILLION.

The 4th highest Lotto NL jackpot win has been a € 23.9 MILLION top prize won on June 27th 2015 by a player from Eindhoven.

The 5th biggest Netherlands Lotto jackpot on June 1st 2013 was won when a player with a subscription scooped € 23.5 MILLION.

The 6th biggest NL Lotto jackpot won has been € 20.8 MILLION won by a single lottery ticket holder back on January 29th 2005.

Netherlands Lotto How Prizes are Paid

All Netherlands Lottery prize winnings will be paid out by the Nederlandse Loterij upon production of your winning lottery tickets.

For all NL Lotto prizes you have won up to € 50 – you will be able to collect your lotto winnings from any of the NL Lottery retailers.

Most of these Loterij Nederlandse retailers have a higher prize pay out limit of up to € 449 – so if you win a Lotto NL prize up to € 449 you will be able to collect your prize from one of these retailers.

If you have won a Netherlands Lotto prize of up to € 5,000 – you will need to fill in the relevant claim form and send your winning ticket & a copy of your ID to Nederlandse Loterij HQ at Rijswijk.

For prizes of more than € 5,000 – including the Netherlands Lotto jackpot – you will need to first contact NederlandseLoterij HQ to make an appointment after which your prize will be paid in 5 days.

If you have a Netherlands Lottery subscription or play online and have won up to € 200,000 then you won’t need to take any action as the Nederlandse Loterij will automatically credit your Lotto NL account or pay the funds directly into your bank account.

If you have won more than € 200,000 whilst either playing online or with a subscription, the Nederlandse Loterij will contact you to make an appointment to visit their Lotto Headquarters in Rijswijk. 

If you play lottery online on a game such as the Euro Jackpot Netherlands you will not have to do anything as your authorised online lottery ticket sales company – like the TheLotter – will look after all of these details for you and pay your winnings directly.

Netherlands Lotto Where the Money Goes

Back in the earliest days – profits from the sale of Netherlands Lottery games were intended for support of the Dutch Soccer Association and later on – for the funding of sports generally.

These days Dutch Lottery profits are used to support a variety of good causes that benefit the population of the Netherlands which include among other, health, social welfare, culture and sports.

In excess of € 80 MILLION is donated every single year to these beneficiaries from proceeds raised by Nederlandse Loterij games.

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Lotto NL

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