UK Lotto Changes - October 5th 2013

"New & improved UK Lotto changes with Bigger Jackpots & Lotto Raffle"

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Some significant changes to the UK National Lottery flagship game - UK Lotto - took place on with effect from Thursday 3rd October 2013. These eagerly awaited changes to the UK Lotto game kick off in style with the launch of the brand NEW UK Lotto offering a special jackpot of a guaranteed £10 MILLION plus 1,000 separate RAFFLE prizes each worth £20,000 for the draws on Saturday 5th October 2013 and Saturday 12th October 2013.

Camelot decided on this exciting DUAL LAUNCH to herald the important alterations to the new and improved UK Lottery game - the £10 MILLION jackpot offered for the first 2 Saturday draws being a generous increase to the average UK Lotto jackpot whilst for the first time in its history - RAFFLE prizes are offered - and two thousand of them at that!

There has been little change in the UK Lotto format since its inception in November 1994 - apart from the introduction of the Wednesday draw in February 1997 - the game has stayed pretty much the same as when it was first launched.

These long talked about UK Lotto changes are certainly great improvements for the game and bring about an exciting new chapter in the history of the UK National Lottery.

If you are wondering what to look out for once the UK Lotto changes have taken place in October 2013 - here is a brief look at the main new UK Lotto rules...

  • BIGGER Starting Jackpots on both Weds (£2.5m) & Sat (£5m)
  • Minimum of 50 x RAFFLE Prizes worth £20,000 in every UK Lotto draw
  • Rollover of RAFFLE prizes if UK Lotto jackpot is won
  • Now £25 for matching just 3 winning lottery numbers
  • Now £100 for matching 4 winning lottery numbers
  • First price increase since 1994 from £1 to £2

Now - to review these UK Lotto changes in a little more detail let's take each individual component in turn...

New UK Lotto Changes - Launch Draw Specials

For the first 2 Saturdays after the UK Lotto changes have taken effect - the jackpot will be  massive £10 MILLION guaranteed in addition to 1000 x £20,000 separate Lotto Raffle prizes. These are the Saturdays of 5th and 12th October 2013.

These 2 Launch Draw Special £10 MILLION draws are to celebrate the revamp of the UK Lotto and embrace the UK Lotto changes that Camelot have introduced.

Larger Starting Jackpots

Since February 1997 the UK Lotto starting jackpot for the Wednesday draw has been around £2.1 MILLION - this will now jump to £2.5 MILLION - an increase of around 20%.

Since November 1994 the starting jackpot for the UK Lotto Saturday draw has been approximately £3.9 MILLION - this will now be a much greater £5 MILLION - an increase of almost 28.5%.

These MINIMUM jackpots of £2.5 MILLION and £5 MILLION for the Wednesday and Saturday draws respectively will be effective as soon as the initial launch jackpots of a huge £10 MILLION have been won.


Similar to the EuroMillions UK and the Canadian Lotto 649 which both offer Millionaire Raffle prizes - the UK Lotto will now also have a Lotto RAFFLE entry attached to every line purchased.

Whilst the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle has just 2 winning Raffle numbers in each draw - every single UK Lotto draw will produce a MINIMUM of 50 x £20,000 Raffle winners.

That's at least 50 extra chances of winning £20,000 every Wednesday and Saturday over and above the main UK Lotto prizes.

What's even better is that these £20,000 Raffle prizes also rollover up to a maximum of 250 Lotto Raffle prizes.

The UK Lotto Raffle rollover works like this...

In the event that there are no UK Lotto jackpot winners the 50 x £20,000 UK Lotto Raffle prizes will still be won. The UK Lotto jackpot will then rollover as normal but the number of Lotto Raffle prizes will increase to 100 x £20,000. Should there be a 2nd jackpot rollover - the number of Lotto Raffle prizes will increase further to 150 x £20,000. A 3rd UK Lotto jackpot rollover will mean a Lotto Raffle rollover to 200 x £20,000 prizes. The maximum of 250 x £20,000 UK Lotto Raffle prizes is reached once the main jackpot has rolled over a 4th time.

Each UK Lotto entry will be accompanied by a Lotto Raffle number automatically drawn by a random number generator - players will not be able to choose their own Raffle number. This ensures that no 2 Raffle numbers are the same.

The UK Lotto Raffle number will comprise a sequence of 4 Letters denoting a colour plus an 8 digit number - eg. "BLUE" 9876 5432 and it is entirely possible to win both a main prize on the UK Lotto - including the jackpot - PLUS a Raffle prize on the very same entry.

£25 for Matching 3 Numbers

Whilst not quite as exciting as the huge jackpots - the lower end of the prize spectrum is the one that is, of course, most won - for correctly selecting just 3 of the winning lotto numbers.

Everyone likes to come away with at least something from their Lotto entry - and the Match 3 category has now shot right up to £25 from the previous £10.

So, whereas in the past you would have walked away with £10 for having 3 correct numbers, you will now be taking a much more acceptable £25.

This £25 is a fixed amount and is not dependant upon how many UK Lotto tickets have been sold for any particular draw nor the number of winners in that prize category.

£100 for Matching 4 numbers

The prize category for matching 4 of the lotto winning numbers has also been improved.

Previously you would have taken a £60 win under the old UK Lotto rules for a Match 4 prize - that now increasing from October 2013 to a much better £100 when you get 4 of the numbers correct.

This bigger £100 prize on the 4th prize tier is estimated and dependant upon the number of UK Lotto tickets sold as well as the number of winners in the prize category. 

Prize Increase to £2.00

To reflect these significant improvements to the UK Lotto game - the entry price has been increased from £1.00 to £2.00 - the first price increase since the UK Lotto first began back in November 1994 and timed to coincide with the October 5th UK Lotto changes.

There aren't many things that remain the same in price for 19 years - so the UK Lotto price increase seems to be justified enough with the UK National Lottery organisers Camelot fully responding to player demand - by offering bigger UK Lotto jackpots at the same time as providing many more opportunities to win on the Lotto.

End of Lotto Plus 5

The Lotto Plus 5 game ends as these UK Lotto changes take place. The final Lotto Plus 5 game occurred on Tuesday 1st October 2013.

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