Powerball Australia Game Changes - March 2013

"New Look Powerball Australia with Bigger Jackpots & More Prizes"

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With effect from March 1st 2013 the Australian Powerball lottery will see some positive game changes with the intention of creating more frequent large jackpot figures as well as an extra prize level - meaning more prizes to be won - and bigger overall prizes plus better odds of winning.

These changes to the Australian Powerball - one of the 2 premier Australian lotteries - will be in place for the Oz Powerball draw on Thursday 7th March 2013. These alterations are similar to those created by the huge US Powerball game in last year which, as a result, broke the US$ 500 MILLION barrier later in the year. It will be interesting to see if the Australia Powerball will be similarly affected.

A quick look at the Powerball Australia changes implemented tells us the following...

  • Matrix now 6 from 40 plus 1 from 20

  • Bigger rollovers of AUS$ 10 MILLION
  • Now 8 Prize Levels instead of 7
  • Win by Matching just 2 numbers plus the Power Ball
  • Better overall odds of Winning now 1 in 78
  • Big Jackpots More Frequently
  • Bigger Prize Pool
  • More Prizes to be Won
  • More Winners
  • Slight Price Increase to AUS$ 0.85 per line

This is great news for Australian Lottery players as the Powerball AU has been reconfigured to provide more enticing prizes, more often and will certainly create a great deal more winners.

Here's a closer look at what the individual Australian Powerball changes mean...

Powerball Australia Matrix Change

From March 7th 2013 - the Powerball Australia matrix has changed to 6/40 + 1/20 from its previous 5/45 + 1/45.

This means that for your main numbers you will now need to select 6 from 1 to 40 instead of 5 from 1 to 45 and for your Power Ball you will need to select 1 number from 1 to 20 instead of 1 from 45.

In summary - what has happened is this - the number of main balls has increased by 1 from 5 to new total of 6. At the same time - the range of main numbers to choose from has decreased from 45 to a new total of 40. So, there will be 1 more main number to choose than previously but 5 less to select from.

With the Power Ball - you still need to pick only 1 number but you will only need to choose from numbers 1 to 20 instead of the previous range of 1 to 45.

The upshot of this matrix change is that big jackpots should be produced more frequently - one of the chief aims of the Australian Lottery authorities in making the changes to the Powerball Australia.

Bigger Rollover Amounts

The aim of this change to the Australia Powerball is to allow the jackpot to reach higher levels even quicker than before.

Once the Powerball jackpot has reached AUS$ 10 MILLION it will rollover by a minimum of an estimated AUS$ 10 MILLION per draw. Previously this rollover amount per draw was just half this figure at AUS$ 5 MILLION.

So, it's easy to see how at this level - double the amount of rollovers in the past will now be likely to increase the size of the Powerball Australia jackpot to much higher levels and more quickly.

New Prize Category

A brand new prize category has also been added to the Power Ball Australia prize structure.

There are now 8 different ways to win the Powerball game whereas prior to March 7th there were only 7.

The new addition - prize level 8 - means that you can now win Powerball prizes for matching 2 of the main  numbers plus the Power Ball.

Better Overall Odds of Winning

The introduction of the new prize level and the change in the Australian Powerball matrix means that the overall odds of winning a prize has now come down to a much better 1 in 78 from a previous 1 in 120.

Big Jackpots More Frequently

The Powerball Australia matrix change coupled with the doubling of the rollover amount at the level of AUS$ 10 MILLION and above will naturally lead to bigger jackpots being created and more often the previously too.

More Powerball Prizes & Winners

The inclusion of an extra prize category as mentioned above means that there will be many more Powerball prize to be won and of course, a whole lot more lottery winners.

Price Increase to AUS$ 0.85 per line

To reflect these changes made to the Australian Powerball - a small increase in the cost of a line has been implemented from AUS$ 0.75 to AUS$ 0.85 - well worth the extra when weighed up against the improvements to the game and the huge benefits these changes will make.

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