Oz Lotto 70 MILLION AUD Jackpot Tue.17th Dec.

"Oz Lotto 70 MILLION AUD Jackpot for Tuesday 17th December 2013"

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The most popular Australian Lotto game of them all - the OzLotto - remains firmly in 3rd place in the lottery world Top 50 having jumped to a massive AUS$ 70 MILLION on Tuesday 10th December 2013 with no-one having correctly matched the winning Oz Lotto numbers for the 7th draw in succession.

This 7th OzLotto rollover means that the jackpot took a huge leap of AUS$ 20 MILLION to its current value of AUS$ 70 MILLION in one step - one of the biggest Oz Lotto jackpots to have been offered in the history of the game.

The Oz Lotto results for Tues. 10th December 2013 were: 9 - 11 - 20 - 35 - 38 - 42 - 43 and the Bonus Numbers were 8 and 32.

Even though nobody won the Oz Lotto jackpot last night - there were 13 lucky winners of an Oz Lotto 2nd prize of AUS$ 38,179.80. In total the total prize money for Tuesday's OzLotto draw was AUS$ 17,505,243.45 which was won by 830,457 Australian lottery ticket holders.

There is still a little way to go before the Oz Lotto jackpot reaches its all-time record level of AUS$ 111,972,151.04 which was won in November 2012 by 4 Oz Lotto Tickets. Each of the 4 winning OzLotto ticket holders pocketed a cool AUS$ 27,993,037.76.

If past Oz Lotto rollover increases are anything to go by - it is highly probable that the current Oz Lotto 70 MILLION AUD Jackpot could well reach this kind of level in the next Oz Lotto draw on Tuesday 17th December should the top prize again not be won.

So, we may just be just 1 more rollover away from what could become the biggest Oz Lotto jackpot in the history of the most frequently played Australian Lottery game.

In November 2012 the OzLotto jackpot stood at AUS$ 70 MILLION just as it does right now - before rolling over and rising by AUS$ 30 MILLION to AUS$ 100 MILLION for the draw on November 6th 2012. The surge in the sale of OzLotto tickets then catapulted the jackpot even higher to its overall record figure which was just shy of a whopping AUS$ 112 MILLION.

Will this happen again next Tuesday 17th December? We shall see and look forward to the Oz Lotto Numbers being drawn amidst expectation of a truly historic Australian Lottery win.

With an average of 1 in 6 of the Australian population who now play Oz Lotto games - this is entirely possible - so good luck to all in the Oz Lotto 70 MILLION AUD Jackpot draw!

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