€130 Million EuroMillions Superdraw

"£111 Million / 130 Million EuroMillions Superdraw on Friday 30th Sept. 2016"

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The EuroMillions Superdraw is back...and only 10 days away!

Lottery players from right across the globe have been waiting for this event now for a long time - and there's not much longer to wait...

The biggest European lottery will be staging its long awaited €130 MILLION EuroMillions Superdaw on Friday 30th September 2016.

The jackpot for UK Players in GBP will be a huge £111 MILLION!

The top prize on offer this time is €30 MILLION MORE than in previous EuroMillions Superdraw events. In the past - EuroMillions Superdraws have offered jackpots of €100 MILLION so this time around we have a massive increase that will excite lotto players the world over - especially across Europe.

The last EuroMillions superdraw took place on November 6th 2015 so there has been a wait for this draw of nearly 11 months.

This really is one that shouldn't be missed...the €130 MILLION EuroMillions Superdraw dwarfs the standard EuroMillions starting jackpot of €15 MILLION (€17 MILLION with effect from the EuroMillions rule changes on September 27th 2016) and as per normal - if it is not won it will rollover until it is either won or reaches the EuroMillions jackpot cap of €190 MILLION.

Also under the new EuroMillions rule changes coming into force on September 27h 2016 - if the jackpot reaches the €190 MILLION cap level - it can rollover at this incredibly high figure for up to 4 draws before it would be shared amongst winners on the next prize level should there be no EuroMillions jackpot winners.

To play the €130 MILLION EuroMillions Superdraw is exactly the same as if you were to play Euro Millions in one of the normal twice weekly draws - you pick 5 main numbers from a number range of 1 to 50 and then choose 2 Lucky Star numbers from the number range of 1 to 12. (Please note that 1 extra Lucky Star number has been added to the range with effect from September 27th 2016 when the new EuroMillions rules change takes place.)

There are normally 3 or 4 Euro Millions Superdraw events every year but so far - this is the first one to occur in 2016 and will undoubtedly create a lot of interest and excitement across Europe and beyond. 

The last EuroMillions Superdraw that happened back on November 6th 2015 started off at €100 MILLION and kept getting bigger until it was eventually won by a single ticket purchased in Portugal on November 20th when it had climbed to an amazing €163,553,041.

The 2 other Superdraws of 2015 produced a jackpot of €129 MILLION / £93 MILLION which was won on June 5th by a single UK ticket holder and on March 6th the €100 MILLION jackpot was won at the first attempt by a ticket from Portugal.

The overall EuroMillions jackpot record stands at a whopping figure of €190 MILLION when the Superdraw of October 3rd 2014 rolled over 6 times before reaching the jackpot cap and being won on October 24th by a ticket purchased in Portugal.

So there we have it - the €130 MILLION EuroMillions Superdraw is just around the corner!

Be sure not to miss out on the chance to partake in the biggest EuroMillions Superdraw base level jackpot ever.

Secure your chance and buy EuroMillions Superdraw tickets online from TheLotter and wait with excited anticipation for the €130 MILLION EuroMillions Superdraw - and don't forget - it could grow even bigger.

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