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eLottery provides you with the best way by far to play some of the largest tax free, lump sum lottery games in the world – the great European Lottery – EuroMillions – the UK National Lottery, the Spanish Lotto Superdraws and the huge Christmas El Gordo.

By playing in an eLottery Syndicate you gain a huge mathematical advantage when trying to win the lottery – no other lottery syndicate option that we have see so far, offers such a boost to your lottery winning chances.

We have compiled a section dedicated to the whole eLottery concept and detailed every page available on e-Lottery at Global Lottery Review and put it together here as an eLottery mini-website.

Simply choose the eLottery page that is relevant to what you are looking for and go to that page – there is sure to be pretty much all the information that you could want about e Lottery on the website.

eLottery Sections…

eLottery Syndicates Overview

Here we give a general overview of eLottery and how the e-Lottery Syndicate option works, giving you a huge increase in chances of winning lottery games over other people. Complete with video explanations and footage of actual eLottery winners you will be able to see how playing in an eLottery Syndicate can benefit you. Just click above to get an overall feel for eLottery.

eLottery – UK National Lottery

Learn how eLottery Syndicates work when you play the UK National Lottery. Using a mathematical formula, enjoy a 733% greater chance of winning the lottery over everybody else and get 1 number automatically matched before the draw even takes place. See how you get 88 lines per week in the UK Lotto and how your chances of winning the jackpot are reduced to 1 in 1.9 million from 1 in 14 million.

eLottery – EuroMillions

See how to play the biggest European Lottery – EuroMillions – as part of an eLottery Syndicate and how you have a massive 3600% greater chance of winning the jackpot over other players. By getting BOTH Lucky Star numbers automatically matched before the draw even happens and with 36 lines per week – your chances of winning the EuroMillions with eLottery are reduced right down to just 1 in 2.11 million from a distant 1 in 76 million.

eLottery – Spanish Lotto Superdraws

Learn about the Spanish Lotto Superdraws which take place once a month and how you can play them as part of an eLottery Syndicate with between 1 and 3 guaranteed cash prizes each time you play. All eLottery Syndicates automatically match at least 1 number and prize pools range from €84 Million right up to an incredible €2.6 Billion.

eLottery – El Gordo – Spanish Christmas Lottery

You will be able to see here how to play in the world’s biggest lottery as part of an eLottery Syndicate. The Spanish El Gordo Lottery – Loteria de Navidad – takes place each year on December 22nd and in 2009 boasted a prize pool of an enormous €2.6 Billion. At least 1 of your syndicate numbers is guaranteed to match and your syndicate is guaranteed to win at least 1 cash prize. ELottery definitely appears to offer the best method of playing in the bumper El Gordo draw.

eLottery – Increase Chances of Winning Lottery

Here we look in greater detail about how you can increase chances of winning lottery games by playing in a lottery syndicate and in particular the benefits of playing in eLottery Syndicates. See how you can get 124 separate lottery entries every week for a fraction of the cost of buying your lottery tickets in the shops – saving effectively £132.00 per week as part of an eLottery Syndicate.

eLottery – Virtual World Direct

Read here about the company behind eLottery and the e Lottery Syndicate – Virtual World DirectVWD. Since it’s beginnings in 2002 VWD has advocated the “Smarter Way to Play” the lottery and (at the time of writing) 17,641 eLottery Syndicate members have won a cash prize in the Euro Millions and 5,390 eLottery Syndicate members have won a cash prize in the UK National Lottery just in the last 4 draws alone. These figures tell a story…

eLottery – Golden Tickets

Here we look at how – whilst playing the EuroMillions, UK Lotto or Spanish Lotto Supwerdraws with eLottery – you can also win many other exciting prizes each month at no extra cost at all with the e-Lottery Golden Tickets. Each time you play you receive free Golden Tickets and these go into a special draw every month where you can win great prizes such as flat screen televisions, digital cameras, Wii Fis, iPods and portable satellite navigation systems, or maybe you'd prefer cash and also be entered into the Mega Draw to win a BMW Mini.

eLottery – Golden Ticket Winners

Who exactly are the winners? Here we look at recent eLottery players who have won Golden Ticket prizes. We see who they are, where they are from and the prizes they have won. The eLottery Golden Ticket Winners section will change each month as new winners are announced – who knows – you may even see your own name on the list before long.

eLottery – Player Testimonials

It’s always great to hear from the winners themselves. Here we see and hear from some of the e-Lottery winners who have won the lottery by playing in an eLottery Syndicate. They tell us how they gain a much greater advantage over other players due to the multi-win formula employed by VWD in their eLottery Syndicates. Their personal testimonies on e Lottery and how well the Lottery Syndicates are managed speak for themselves.

eLottery – Winners

See who’s on the winners’ list. You can check here exactly who has won either the EuroMillions or UK Lottery over the past 4 weeks by playing in an eLottery Syndicate. Detailed eLottery winners lists show those syndicate members who have struck lucky. There are many thousands of eLottery winners every single week and these lists will change every 4 weeks as new eLottery winners are announced. Just pick the date you wish to check and see who’s won with e-Lottery.

UK Lotto – Saturday 29th August 2009
EuroMillions – Friday 28th August 2009
UK Lotto – Wednesday 26th August 2009
UK Lotto – Saturday 22nd August 2009
EuroMillions – Friday 21st August 2009
UK Lotto – Wednesday 19th August 2009
UK Lotto – Saturday 15th August 2009
EuroMillions – Friday 14th August 2009
UK Lotto – Wednesday 12th August 2009
UK Lotto – Saturday 8th August 2009
EuroMillions – Friday 7th August 2009
UK Lotto – Wednesday 5th August 2009

eLottery – Interactive Demo.of how eLottery works with the UK Lotto

See just how e-Lottery’s Multi-Win, mathematically devised formula works with the UK National Lottery – ensuring that your syndicate only needs to match 2 numbers to guarantee a win.

eLottery – Interactive Demo.of how eLottery works with the EuroMillions

See just how e-Lottery’s Multi-Win, mathematically devised formula works with EuroMillions – ensuring that your eLottery syndicate has both Lucky Stars matched every time.

eLottery – Free Lottery

Read how you can enjoy completely FREE entries into the UK National Lottery every week with eLottery. Each week you can have 2 FREE goes on the UK Lotto to win £1,000.00. On Wednesdays and Saturdays simply pick 5 numbers and if they come up in the UK Lotto draw – eLottery and Virtual World Direct will give you £1,000.00 – at NO COST at all. You can do this whether you are a member of an eLottery Syndicate or not.

eLottery – Free Lottery Results

You will no doubt want to be kept up to date with the very latest EuroMillions and UK Lottery results. Read here how eLottery & Virtual World Direct will send completely free lottery results every week – emailed directly to you. No more searching for those results and wondering if you’ve won – another free service available from eLottery and VWD.

eLottery – DVD

Read about the eLottery dvd which explains everything you could need to know about the multi-win, eLottery Syndicate method of playing the lottery. The e-Lottery dvd tells you all about the advantages of playing “The Smarter Way” – how the mathematical formula works and how you greatly increase chances of winning lottery games such as the EuroMillions and UK Lotto. It also explains how you can turn eLottery into a fantastic earning opportunity and have a VWD business of your own by becoming an eLottery affiliate – a fantastic Virtual World Direct opportunity.

eLottery – Free Online Business

See how eLottery also offers you a completely free online business opportunity should you be looking for an extra source of income. The VWD business option provides you with your very own state of the art eLottery website allowing you to earn valuable commissions on people that play the lottery each week through your website. As an eLottery affiliate you can capitalise on the revenue generated in a £$€ Multi-BILLION global industry with your own FREE eLottery business.

eLottery – Training

Here we look into the training that e-Lottery and VWD provide those who wish to start their own eLottery business. Read about the weekly popular and invaluable eLottery web conferences, the training events that are put on at specialist training centres and the one to one tuition and advice available – all aimed at helping you to grow your eLottery business. A lot more training is also available at the special Click2GetStarted training resource.

eLottery – Lotteries Council

Read about how eLottery are proud and valuable members of the UK’s Lotteries Council – Lottery Council GB. The Lotteries Council works closely with the Gambling Commission monitoring lottery operations in the UK and represents many different bodies such as charities, hospices, sports clubs, air ambulances and other good causes.

eLottery – Other Important Information…


Virtual World Direct are so confident that you will win by playing in an eLottery Syndicate that they are prepared to provide you with this great guarantee… If you play EuroMillions in an eLottery Syndicate and you have not won anything within 12 weeks of playing – all of your money will be refunded! Now that’s confidence for you – a 100% refund.

1 FREE WEEK in the UK Lotto

If you play in a EuroMillions eLottery Syndicate – even for just one week – VWD will give you 1 FREE WEEK in the UK National Lottery. That means that you will get 88 separate syndicate entries in the UK Lotto…completely FREE!

Win A Mini

Every time you play in either a EuroMillions or UK Lotto eLottery syndicate you will be given free Golden Tickets which will be put into a draw at the end of the year where the lucky ticket holder will win a brand new BMW Mini.

SuperEnalotto Syndicate – Italian Lottery Syndicate

Soon to launch in 2010 is a brand new product from eLottery and Virtual World Direct – SuperEnalotto Syndicates. You will soon be able to play one of the biggest European Lottery games – the Italian LotterySuperEnalotto from Sisal as part of an eLottery Syndicate. We will keep you up to date with this information as soon as we are aware of any further developments.

We hope you have found this eLottery Mini-Website of good use and that it has provided you with the relevant information about e-Lottery and Virtual World Direct that you were looking for.

If there are any additions that you would like to see to the e-Lottery Syndicate Mini-Website please get in touch with Global Lottery Review via the “Contact Us” form available.

Similarly – if you have any questions that remain unanswered about eLottery and VWD – you may get in touch with us at any time and we will answer them.

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