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Whenever you are looking into something new – whether it is buying a new car, or joining a new lottery syndicate – it is always nice to get some feedback from people who have already done what you want to do.

With eLottery and VWD, we have many personal testimonials from a whole host of people who have found out how they are able to increase chances of winning lottery games and are willing to testify about the integrity of the eLotto syndicate system and the effectiveness and simplicity of how it works.

They have all been playing either the UK National Lottery, EuroMillions or Spanish Lottery Superdraws with Virtual World Direct and eLotto for a long time, are very pleased with how the e Lottery syndicates operate and are happy to talk about their personal, positive experiences.

With eLottery these lottery players enjoy a great advantage over other lottery players as they play the UK Lotto, Euro Millions or Spanish National Lottery Superdraws with massively increased odds of winning due to the way VWD purchase their lottery tickets for eLotto and place them in online syndicates.

With a 733% greater chance of winning on the UK Lottery and a 3600% greater chance of winning on the Euro-Millions it’s no wonder that these people are pleased with the way that eLottery and Virtual World Direct manage their online syndicate entries.

Read here about what they have to say about eLotto

Bob Gregson...

"Most people know what a lottery syndicate is and appreciate why being in one gives you an advantage. I decided to play in the EuroMillions draws as my syndicate only needs to get one number correct to win a prize, as both lucky stars are guaranteed. Sounds good to me!"

Gary Skinner...

"I've been playing the e-lottery way for many years now and I'm very pleased that I joined. A friend recommended it to me and I am pleased now to recommend it to all my friends too."

Jennifer Miller...

"I'm so glad that I found e-lottery. I used to be in a syndicate but the organiser moved away leaving me not knowing what to do. e-lottery syndicates take care of everything, buying tickets, finding syndicate members and most importantly, paying me my winnings when the syndicate gets lucky."

Jill Close...

"I'd always bought lottery tickets since the very beginning, but without much luck; so when I came across the e-lottery system and realised that it definitely was 'the smarter way to play', I jumped in with both feet and joined straight away - and I'm pleased to say that I now have many more wins than when I used to buy tickets offline! Everyone should play this way."

Pam Greenwood...

"I play in both the UK Lotto and the EuroMillions using e-lottery syndicates. I get a great looking website to use and get regular updates about large jackpots and rollover draws. Best of all, my syndicate regularly wins prizes too!"

Paul Watts...

"I can play in an elotto syndicate online and I can do it all from home. I have a much better chance of getting a prize and now I'm saving money as well, as I don't have to drive 20 minutes to the shops to buy tickets."

Steve Cuthbert ...

"I have been a member of e-lottery since 2002, and in that time two of my syndicates have won over £310,000 and I have had a share of that!"

Sue Pearson...

"Imagine how you might feel if your numbers came up and you didn't play that week! Imagine not being able to find the ticket! Or forgetting to check the numbers! I never have to worry with elotto, as its all done for me and I can check it at any time using my very own Player website."

Vez Kibbey...

"When I was first introduced to ‘the smarter way to play’ I looked into the benefits of a “player” compared to buying a couple of lines in the shops and I was amazed!! Never have I seen such a fantastic system and I have won more times through this than through playing at the shops. I don’t have to worry about losing my ticket, my details are kept safe and I have complete peace of mind because when my syndicate wins the company informs me immediately. It’s safe, it’s simple, and most of all it’s fun!"

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