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Every new venture in life requires a certain amount of training plus help and support especially a new business venture – and your new eLottery business is no exception.

However, the straightforward and easy to follow training and advice provided by Virtual World Direct and eLottery make starting and running your new online business incredibly simple. All the help and support you could need is provided both online and offline.

The e-Lottery online business opportunity from VWD provides you with training that is second to none ensuring that you know and understand all that you need to in order to operate your new online business opportunity.

Online Training…

Every Monday evening at 7.30pm GMT, eLottery Training stage a web conference that anyone can plug into to learn about the business – as well as how and why they offer the best way of playing the UK National Lottery, EuroMillions and Spanish Lottery Superdraws.

This online eLottery Training also goes into detail about how the eLottery affiliate program works and advises you on how best you can build and develop your new e-Lottery business.

There are guest speakers every week and valuable tips and support from e Lottery affiliates who have already achieved a high level of success with their eLottery businesses.

These online training sessions are invaluable if you are serious about building your own e-Lottery business – whether it is to earn a few extra £s $s EuRs each month or to develop a long term, ongoing, residual income.

There is even an eLottery Training online meeting in Portuguese which takes place every Monday at 10.00pm Lisbon time.

Other Training…

As well as the weekly online training sessions, there is plenty of other help, support and training that is on offer from eLottery and VWDVirtual World Direct – to help you with your new e Lottery business. You are never on your own.

The VWD offices provide full telephone support from their offices which are manned during standard business hours – so you can call and speak to them live from wherever you may be in the world.

Support and training is also offered from fellow eLottery business colleagues – people the same as yourself who have more experience in building their own eLottery businesses.

In addition to this, eLottery Training Events are staged throughout the year – for those who are able to attend – in conference venues within the UK. These events are incredibly helpful to anyone building their own e-Lottery business as you are able to meet those who have been very successful and pick up many tips and pieces of advice.

The Next eLottery Event…

The next eLottery training event to be held at a conference center in the UK is on Sunday 20th September in Warwick.

This event is not to be missed if at all possible – it will help you to develop your eLotto business in more ways than you can imagine.

Details of the next event are as follows…

1pm to 4pm on Sunday 20th September 2009 at

The Butterworth Hall, Warwick University, near Coventry.

If you would like to attend this eLottery training event just drop us a line at Global Lottery Reviewand we will contact Virtual World Direct to reserve a place – numbers are limited and will be taken on a first come first served basis.

At this eLottery event – as well as the training – there will be a Golden Ticket prize draw for everyone who attends. Some amazing prizes will be up for grabs.

In addition, there will be an inspirational speaker and some very special announcements made on the day.

This is an ideal event to attend if you are looking into eLottery either as an online business opportunity or simply want to play the lottery a “Smarter Way”. So, whether you are an affiliate or a lottery player this is the perfect chance to go and find out what all the excitement is about.

eLottery DVD...

eLottery have produced a great lottery dvd which tells the story of how their “Multi-Win” syndicate system works and explains how you can have your own free online business that they offer.

You can use the eLottery dvd to show your family and friends and anyone else you meet, how they too can play the UK Lotto and EuroMillions with massively increased chances of winning the lottery.

The eLottery dvd is a fabulous training tool that you can use to help you build your e-Lottery business offline – it is a great part of the eLottery training portfolio.

Viral Marketing with eLottery…

When you become either a Player or an Affiliate with e Lottery, you will be given your own interactive, e-commerce website with a “Back Office” that contains many tools and materials to help you promote your new eLottery business.

One of the new aspects of the “Back Office” in your VWD website is the Viral Marketing section which makes the promotion of your new online business incredibly simple indeed.

The eLottery Viral Marketing system allows you to spread the word about your new business to any contacts that you have online almost without exception, using the most recent “Tell-A-Friend” software.

With eLottery Viral Marketingyou can share your business on the major Social Networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Friend Feed.

You can also share it with your IM contacts on the top Instant Messengers such as Google Talk, MSN/Live, Yahoo and AOL.

Everyone in your email address books can also be easily contacted with the Viral Marketing system which communicates directly with Gmail, MSN / Hotmail / Live and Yahoo.

You can even Bookmark your eLottery business on top sites such as Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg and Buzz Up!

Viral Marketing is alive and buzzing and is just one of the many ways that Virtual World Direct help you to build your eLottery business.

Step By Step Training...

There is a very user friendly Step By Step eLottery training guide provided by VWD and e-Lottery that will help you enormously in building your eLotto business.

It is broken down into 3 basic steps with the first step explaining what you should do in the first 24 hours or so after you have become an eLottery affiliate and acquired your free online business and website. The aim here is to familiarize yourself with your new website and the various materials available.

The second step explains the best ways to promote your new online business and find people who like to increase chances of winning lottery games. The idea here is to get you off to a Fast Start with your new eLottery business.

The third step shows you how to duplicate the whole process and grow your eLottery business even further with the aim of creating a firm stream of ongoing, residual income. The overall aim of this Step By Step eLottery training is to get you off the ground as soon as possible whilst laying the foundations for a solid eLottery business.

You can download your FREE copy of the entire eLottery Training Step By Step Guide here & learn how to get your business of to a FAST START.

To Download Your Free Copy Right Click On This Link & Save To Your Desktop

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access this file. If you have not yet got it you can download it here... Click Here To Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Following the simple steps laid out in the “3Steps2SuccesseLottery Training guide will provide you with all the basics that you need to get your new eLottery business off to a great start.

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