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Dream Number – Overview

Dream Number was brought into the UK Lotto portfolio and launched on 15th July 2006.

It effectively took over from the Lotto Extra game which had become defunct.

The National Lottery Dream Number game offers prizes up to half a million pounds and can be played either alongside the main UK National Lotto game or independently from it.

Dream Number differs from most lottery games in that you do not chose the dream number yourself – it is automatically generated for you.

The cost of entering into the Dream Number game is £1.00 per play.

How It Works…

With the UK Lotto Dream Number game, you have a 7 digit number for entry into the draw.

You win by matching the digits of your Dream Number – reading from left to right and starting from the first digit on the left.

As mentioned earlier, you do not need to pick your own Dream Number – each UK Lotto slip has a Dream Number printed on it so if you are playing the game as well as the Lotto, you will automatically have your Dream Number on your Lotto slip.

If you are playing Dream Number on its own, your Dream Number will automatically be generated for you.

Also particular to this game, is that the order in which the numbers are drawn is important.

Starting with the number on the left (the first number) – the more numbers you match, the more you will win.

So, there are 7 different ways to win on this game – starting with matching just the first number of your Dream Number with the first Dream number to be drawn.

Then, for matching your first 2 numbers with the first 2 numbers drawn on the Dream Number and so on right up to the top prize for matching all 7 numbers in the correct order.

Who Can Play?

At the current time, only resident citizens of the United Kingdom are able to play the Dream Number game online. However, if you are purchasing a ticket on the streets in Great Britain, then it is possible for people who live overseas to play this game.

As with the UK Lotto and Thunderball, there is a slightly lower age limit than for most countries - you only need to be 16 years of age to be eligible to purchase a ticket for the Dream Number lottery game.

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Information & Background

Dream Number from the National Lottery offers you the chance to win half a million pounds twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

There are is not a rollover if the top prize in Dream Number is not won.

Draws for the Dream Number game take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays but it’s only he Saturday draw that is televised – live on BBC1.

On Wednesdays, the draw takes place prior to the live television show with the wining Dream Number being announced during the show itself.

What Are The Odds?

The odds of winning this game are good when compared to many other of the larger lottery games such as the main UK Lotto and Euromillions.

The odds for you matching all 7 digits of your Dream Number to the 7 digits of the Dream number drawn and scooping the jackpot of £500,000, are 1 in 10 million.

The second tier odds for matching your first 6 digits with those drawn are 1 in 1.11 million.

Third tier odds for you matching your first 5 digits with the first 5 to be drawn on the Dream Number are 1 in 111,112.

The odds of a fourth tier win and you matching your first 4 digits with the first 4 drawn on the Dream Number are 1 in 11, 112.

To win on the fifth tier and match your first 3 Dream Number digits with the first 3 digits of the Dream Number drawn, the odds are 1 in 1,112.

1 in just 112 are the odds for you getting a win on the sixth tier and matching just your first 2 numbers with the first 2 drawn on the Dream Number.

Lastly, the seventh tier odds of you matching the first digit of your Dream Number with the first digit of the Dream Number drawn are just 1 in 12.

Record Jackpots…

The jackpot prize for the Dream Number game remains constant at £500,000.

How Are Jackpots Paid?

All UK National Lottery jackpots are paid in the form of tax free cash lump sums and that includes the top prizes in the UK Lottery Daily Play.

You will need to claim your lottery win within 180 days of the draw taking place before your entry becomes invalid and the money you would have won is given to relevant good causes.

Where the Money Goes…

Funds raised by the UK National Lottery Dream Number game go towards the fund set up for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games due to be held in 2012.

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